Concept Archive

Concept Archive is a collation of various logo concepts created by Dominic for many businesses, startups, projects and causes. Below you are able to learn about the story behind the design and how they represent each project/business. 

Concept Archive is a collation of various logo concepts created by Dominic for many businesses, startups, projects and causes. Below you are able to learn about the story behind the design and how they represent each project/business. 


Our Place Nursery

Our Place Nursery concept was designed by Dominic for a proposal to open a nursery centre within London for children and their parents. The concept demonstrates the playful aspect of a child playing with fridge magnet letters. 


Passion of the Craft Documentary

Passion of the Craft Documentary is a BANDIT produced and directed film. Created by the Copenhagen based strategic ideas agency. Dominic produced this proposed concept for the film which was let by the conversation of the real link between the lives of the consumers and their brands. 


Kamara Bernard Productions

Kamara Bernard is a London based music producer that covers mostly the hip hop and grime sector of Music production. Working with a range of established and upcoming artists. 


Japan Sounds Conference

Japan Sounds Conference is a global conference for manufacturers across the World who attend the yearly event to showcase their newest products and technology which influence consumers and the market of how they consume music and other forms of entertainment. 



First Choice Management & Investment is a sports management agency that contains a portfolio of sports professionals on their books. FCMI manage the futures of their clients and advise them with their financial investments.


Pure Kinetics

Pure Kinetics is a London based remote massage specialist, led, owned and founded by specialist Raymond Parkinson. Dominic worked closely with Raymond to refresh the brands appearance within 2016, as the practice was set for it's official launch.



Ferrol Group is a film and photography production company founded by Stefan Ferrol, who founded the company to produce his own films and carry out his own shoots. Stefan commissioned Dominic to work on the visual identity of the company upon it's launch.


Val's Banana Loaf

Val's Banana Loaf is a bakery start up that was created to offer exceptionally delicious banana loafs to markets throughout London. Dominic worked on this concept with his former business partner during the summer of 2013 ahead of the launch.



BeautyByShen is a London based Make Up Artist that provides makeup services for her clients across the UK. Along with makeup tutorials for her following on social media. Dominic was introduced to Shenika to assist with her businesses first ever brand appearance.


Nana's Shea Butter

Nana's Shea Butter is a handmade shea butter based in London but sourced from Ghana, Africa. The founder of Nana's approached Dominic with the intention to rebrand the business and product, to communicate and resonate with more people and markets throughout Europe and the World.



BuyTellers is a Consumer Purchase Intelligence platform that collates insightful data and information from consumers based on products, services and experiences. The platform provides consumers with the opportunity to submit their newest or recent purchases to our platform.


Scarlett Cunningham

London based Fashion Designer Scarlett Cunningham aims to reflect a modern woman's needs. Presenting a balance of strong feminine energy with undertones of masculine elements. Scarlett aims to create contemporary pieces that provides modernity, natural confidence and effortlessly fits within her clients wardrobes.



NESW is an exciting and insightful online directory that captures and shares London's most admired and desired locations. Their readers are passionate and curious to experience and visit London's most exclusive and unique locations for the service, food, products, people and experience.


Yinx Tasty

YinxTasty is a London based African catering food service that covers the UK and various countries throughout Africa. Yinka the founder requested Dominic's branding experience to revamp her existing identity into one that expressed the energy and culture of her service and products.



EyeSpeak is a proposed revamp of EyeSpeakTV created by the Austieng Group. The intention by EyeSpeak was to create a media platform that would create content with substance based on topics that mattered for to their audience and for a range of clients.


Fitzrovia Journal

Fitzrovia Journal is a free quarterly publication centred around the neighbourhood. The journal is focused on the people, businesses and stories surrounding the culture, history and essence of Fitzrovia. 


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