Dominic Livingston


Discover more about Dominic's experience, where has worked and who with on what projects.


Freelance Digital Designer

August 2017 - Present

Working on short and long-term UI/UX design vision for the e-commerce site, with influence of Google Ventures Sprint approach.

Valenstein & Fatt/Grey London

Freelance Digital Designer

July 2017 

Working across various client digital design projects.



Freelance UI/UX Designer

July 2017

Working closely with Investis' Creative Director and Design Director on the website redesign for Symrise.


Freelance Designer

June 2017 

Assisted the team with producing a landlord pack and creating a temporary branding concept for the new gym location.


National Citizen Service

Freelance Digital & Print Designer

June 2017 - July 2017

Scheduled to spend a month with NCS working across print and digital design projects for their events and in-house projects. Along with producing concepts for their exclusive Snapchat code and filter with the in-house creative team.

Wingstop UK

Freelance Designer & Creative Director

May 2017

Producing landlord pack for the new UK franchise roll out of Wingstop UK locations. Along with advising the Private Equity firm behind the franchise with the social media imagery direction ahead of release.


Ravensbourne Students' Union

Freelance Designer & Creative Director

April 2017 - May 2017

Redesigning the entire visual brand of the Ravensbourne Student Union. Along with creating co-sign identities for the internal projects created by the Union for the Students and their external partnerships and projects with other companies.

Business 3.0

Freelance Graphic Designer

May 2017

Spent 3 days working with Business 3.0 on a Graphic Design brief for an exhibition installation boards and print newsletter for a client based and contributes to the energy industry on a global scale. 


Matter of Form

Freelance UI Designer & Creative Director

March 2017

Producing various web page concepts for Warren Evans, demonstrating an improved design approach, user experience and creative direction for products and content. All work was produced as concepts for a pitch and not for nal deliverables of project. 

Scarlett Cunningham

Freelance Brand Designer & Chief Executive

November 2013 - March 2017

Designed the entire identity for the brand. Logo, website, look books, tags and labels. Also arrange and count locations for shoots, directing shoots and dealing with all other business and day to day operations. Designed Autumn/Winter 2014, Spring/Summer 2015 and A Shirt Study print and digital look books. 


Saint & Birchley

Freelance Graphic/Print Designer

March 2017

Nigel Ruwende the Founder of Saint & Birchley required assistance with the curation of a number of documents that needed polishing for the apron creation of their products. 

Jack Morton

Freelance Digital Designer

March 2017

Designing a various of amount of digital design work for two of their clients.


OgilvyOne Business

Freelance Digital/UI/UX Designer

February 2017 - March 2017

Designing landing pages, emails, social banners and infographics for Vodafone, NICE Systems and Sabre. 


Freelance UI/UX Designer & Creative Director/Strategist

December 2015 - November 2016

GIMU is a personal training platform that connects trainers with local clients and vice versa. GIMU was a former venture of the Austieng Group but is now a solo venture lead by the founder Anil Ahir. During my time working on the GIMU app, I produced the UI/UX designs, established the brand identity and marketing/content strategy through the site. 



Freelance Designer & Creative Director

December 2014 - August 2016

Gooey is a iPhone and Samsung mobile case provider, which contains a unique rinse that allows the case to stick to glass. During my time with Gooey, I redesigned the entire e-commerce site on two occasions. Designed all assets including concession stands, social media, ad banners along with directing and producing product and lifestyle shoots. 


Freelance Print Designer

July 2016

Droga5 is an independent advertising network. I was requested just an afternoon to work on their latest new business pitch for Absolut Vodka. 



Freelance Digital/UI/UX Designer

February 2016 - April 2016

Think Forex is a Australian based Forex Trading company that provides it’s clients with tools, products and resources to trade in various markets. During my time with Think Forex I was bought in to collaborate and work with another digital designer to produce the new direction of the Think Forex website platform and also contribute to the rebrand of the business just before my time came to an end. 

Platform 4 Youth

Freelance Designer & Project Manager

November 2015 - January 2016

Platform 4 Youth is a holiday care centre for children attending primary schools in North/East London. The founder of Platform 4 Youth approached me to design the identity for his new business along with producing the designs for the website, which was built and developed by Steven Rodrigues a developer I hired onto the project. 



Freelance Print & Digital Designer

September 2015

Zone is a marketing agency who are experts in strategy, technology and content. I was brought on to work with Zone for two weeks focusing on their Gatwick Airport social media account, along with print design aspects for Prezzo.

Saatchi & Saatchi

Freelance Designer 

September 2015

Saatchi & Saatchi is a global communications and advertising agency. I was brought on to work on the Anchor & Weightwatchers social media content channels. 



Freelance Designer

September 2015

Four23 is a independent communication design agency. I was brought in to work on digital and print elements for the London Marathon & Adidas partnership and event.

Voliamo Travel

Freelance Designer & Brand Consultant

August 2015

Voliamo is a leading travel agency that focuses on travel airlines and destinations within South America and Asia. Gio Parla the founder brought me on board to produce the existing visual identity and logo for the newborn (at the time) travel agency. 



Collective Ventures

Freelance UI Designer & Art Director

July 2015 - Oct 2015

Collective Ventures is a result, design and strategy consultancy at the intersection of technology, media and culture. Zac Best the founder of CV bought me on board to design the desktop and mobile website pages for The MBS Group, Stylus & CapX America. During these projects I was also requested to sourcing images and applying art direction treatment to various hero images throughout these platforms. 

Inbound Marketing

Freelance Digital Designer

May 2015

Inbound Marketing is an independent marketing and communications agency that works with many small business chains in London. CFO Nick Pateman brought me on board to assist with designing websites from wireframes to pitch and demonstrate ideas to various clients. 



Freelance Press Runner

September 2014

Bestival is a yearly festival that takes place within the Isle of White. During the 3 day festival, I spent the entire time working closely with the Press team on leading photographers from global publications to the correct stages to capture certain acts. To organising and supervising interviews from writers of these publications.

Midnight Madness

Freelance Assistant Marketing Manager

August 2014

Midnight Madness live basketball tournament event which took place at the CopperBox Arena in August 2014. I worked on this project closely with the Marketing Manager Sabrina, to direct the marketing message for this event. That included speaking to members of the BBC, Sky Sports News, Channel 4 and ITV to cover the sporting event.


Scrikon Group Miami

Freelance Designer & Brand Consultant

November 2014 - January 2015 

Scikron Group is a food distribution and music entertainment label founded and managed by my father Robert Livingston. Whilst living and working with my father in Miami, he brought me on board to lead the creative, design and branding sides of a POSH Mobile partnership venture, Japan Sounds Conference and other projects in the US and Jamaica. 

House of Garmsville 

Freelance Designer & Brand Consultant

July 2014 - September 2014

House of Garmsville is a menswear accessories brand founded by PR Guru, writer and brand consultant Jason Jules. Jason brought Julian Knox and myself on with the attempt to grow the e-commerce platform, direct lifestyle product shoots, brand improvements and redesign the existing e-commerce platform. 


Hotel Creative

Freelance Creative Director

June 2014

Hotel Creative is a multi-disciplined creative consultancy that is known for they're incredible store and exhibition installations for Nike. Introduced by their form of contact from Nike, Mitch Crook the founder of HC brought me in to pitch ideas for Pro Direct store concept for Carnaby St.

Bandit Copenhagen

Freelance Designer

June 2014

BANDIT was a former cultural strategy consultancy firmed founded in Copenhagen, Denmark. Rob Scotland the co-founder brought me on board to redesign the agencies cultural strategy pitch for Nike Western Europe's cultural focuses. Along with pitching the agency ideas for their Passion of the Craft documentary project.


Fitzrovia Journal 

Freelance Designer & Creative Director

January 2014 - December 2014

Fitzrovia Journal is a quarterly publication that focuses on the history, stories, people, culture and businesses of the geographical neighbourhood of Fitzrovia within Central London. Kirk Truman the founder of the journal approached me to produce the visual identity of the newborn publication, along with design the 1st and 2nd print issues of the journal. Along with guiding the creative direction on photography, content and overall art direction aesthetic.

Courier Paper & Agency

Freelance Creative & Design Intern

August 2013 - May 2014

Courier Agency is a creative and design communications agency, that utilises their Courier Paper medium to form relationships and understandings with larger corporations to the startup culture and entrepreneurial spirit throughout the UK and the World. I contributed to the agency and paper by building their network of 200 stockists and distributing 30,000 plus copies for 3 issues. Along with assisting on production shoots for Expedia and EE.



Freelance Designer, Brand Consultant & Creative Director

October 2013 - June 2014

RMediaCircle is a marketing and creative agency that specialised in social enterprise and creative projects. Whilst working as a partner with Julian Knox the founder, I was involved in internal projects of RMC along with external client and collaborator projects with creative individuals, startups and small businesses.

StyleCon London

Freelance Brand Consultant

January 2012 - November 2013

StyleCon London is a accessories and sunglasses brand that produces unique designs and products with materials originating from Africa. Ade the Founder required my services with building the brand identity and establishing it's presence within the market. Along with this work i also business many strategies and highlight various business focuses for StyleCon.