References for Dominic Livingston


Jonathan Acott

Founder of ArtemisTri. 4x Cancer Survivor & Slow Endurance Athlete

I loved working with Dominic, the process was enjoyable and the outcome is better than I could have hoped for. Dominic took the initial idea and has expanded it to be more than the sum of its parts. I can't recommend him enough. Jonathan

Shenika Sosanya

Makeup Artist of BeautyByShen

I met Dominic through a friend and from that day he left an impression on me - he has a passion for life and what he does. When I decided that I wanted to take my business to the next level and really create a brand and identify for myself, I remembered Dominic. I was able to get his number from our mutual friend and the rest is history. We arranged a meeting I spoke about my vision/concept and how I wanted my brand to come across. Dominic had loads of ideas and knew exactly where I was coming from. He asked about budget and different options and at the end of the meeting I knew he was the right man for the job. Dominic is professional, sticks to deadlines and is always on hand when you need help. He has a genuine concern and compassion for people, making him even better to do business with. I would recommend Dominic to any start up business or anyone who needs any services he provides. He is truly a pleasure to work with and he makes the experience as easy as possible.

Steven Rodrigues

Web Developer & IT Specialist at John Lewis

After working with Dominic on several different things, I can honestly say that I have not found anyone more passionate and dedicated to working as he is. Using his various degrees of experience, he always strives to get the best result from any project, making sure he is always available when needed in order to deal with any queries you may have.

Scarlett Cunningham

Womenswear Fashion Designer

I have had the pleasure of working with Dominic over the past 3 years and during this time I have been consistently impressed and inspired by he's specific design skills, forward-thinking and open mindset, he's professionalism, reliability, sheer passion and utter dedication towards all projects he has worked on. Dominic adapts and excels working in openly creative environments, having assisted on projects that required both high levels of creativity and technical skills whilst frequently working under tight deadlines. Dominic has the ability to transform design work into eye-catching pieces with he's signature simplistic yet impactful design style and aesthetic. Dominic is fluent and highly skilled in major design software programmes and he without fail, completes each task to the highest form of quality and execution with such enthusiasm. A highly focused, determined, consistent, reliable and polite individual that any team would be entirely thankful to have on board.

Mathieu Ajan

Photographer & the Founder of Teardusk

I've had the pleasure of working with Dominic on various occasions and each and every time he arrives with an infectious positive energy however big or small the project. With a strong eye for detail and genuine passion for creating meaningful work I would strongly recommend Dominic.

Bisi Alimi

Executive Director of Bisi Alimi Foundation

I posted on Twitter that my organisation is looking for a designer to help with a poster for an event and that we really don't have money as we are very small. Dominic replied, offering to help and within 3 days, he has a great poster waiting for us. I have to say this was over the Christmas break. His professionalism is so endearing and his patient to pay attention to detail was very inspiring.

Kamara Bernard

Music Producer & Mixing Specialist

Dominic is a great person to collaborate and do work with. Extremely clear in the service that he provides and works very efficiently. His warm personality also makes the working process very easy. Felt confident leaving Dominic with the logo knowing he has understanding in a wide range of creative fields. Looking forward to working with Dom in the near future.

Stefan Ferrol

Photographer & Filmmaker

Dominic has been a great help to me personally for the years I've known him. He's not been not only a reliable person but someone who goes above and beyond. Effort is something that comes naturally to him - the thought he puts behind every project is inspiring. Dominic is someone I'd recommend to anyone in a heartbeat. He is professional, personable and great to work with. I couldn't recommend his services enough. He has never disappointed me, he has taught me many things, given me insight into certain areas, all the while being ready and willing to start the next project. Great person to work with.

Anil Ahir

Founder of GIMU App

Dominic designed some amazing work for me! Easy to work with, great eye for design and extremely professional. Highly recommended!

Rob Scotland

Director of Consumer Insight & Market Analysis of Pandora

Dominic is a sharp and culturally savvy design and communications advocate. He brings a breadth of insight about modern culture to everything he does. That is his competitive advantage when combined with his growing portfolio or design work. I've enjoyed mentoring Dominic over the last 2-3 years as his professional career has blossomed. 

Sabrina Anne Sarpong

PR & Communications Consultant

Dominic has worked with me on a number of PR and Entertainment activities when I was working as a Freelance Consultant. Dominic is extremely reliable and hardworking. He takes on tasks confidently and always delivers great results. He is very easy to work with and takes instructions well. Dominic is also very creative and has the ability to advise and provide counsel on youth and entertainment culture. He is definitely someone I would happily continue to work with in the future.