Designer, Creative Director & Creative Entrepreneur since 2012


Passionate. Focused. Driven. Hardworking. Dominic has been offering his design and creative comms services to a range of creative professionals, startups, small businesses and agencies throughout various industries.

Livingston acquires a unique and diverse skillset and delicate approach to all of his work. Recognised for his very investigative mindset, attention to detail and broad design and creative impact. He always acquires the feeling to question everything. Especially when triggered and driven by opportunities, obstacles and issues that consumers and businesses face together or individually.

Dominic begun his career working and gaining experience across various creative industry disciplines in London. Building himself as a self taught designer and creative professional. Risen from independent projects to working on national and international brand projects. 

Livingston offers Print Design, Digital/Visual Design, UI & UX, Branding, Art Direction and Creative Direction services to his clients.

Email Dominic or call at +44 (0) 77 1468 1366.