Dominic Livingston


Dominic Livingston is a London based Freelance Designer, Art/Creative Director, Marketer & Businessman offering design and creative communication services. He acquires a diverse skill set and delineate approach to all of his work. Dominic’s background varies in creative communication, PR, press, design, events management, photography, advertising and production.

Portrait by Ntando Brown

Portrait by Ntando Brown


Dominic Livingston is a London based self employed Designer, Art & Creative Director and Creative Entrepreneur - since 2012. Contributing design and creative communications to a range of creative professionals, startups, small businesses and agencies throughout various industries. Dominic acquires a diverse skill set and delineate approach to all of his work. With a very investigative mind he is always triggered by opportunities, obstacles and issues that consumers and businesses face.

He begun his career within the creative industries by working and gaining experience in various disciplines throughout the creative field. Working on independent and global projects including creative communications, public relations, press, digital and print design, events management, logistics, creative direction, art direction, photography, advertising, social media marketing, music and ad/film production.

Dominic is recognised for his passionate, focused, driven and hardworking attitude approach to all his work. He's always determined to create more work that inspires, empowers and improves the lives of those who interact with his work. Aside from his design and creative commitments, he intends to extend his influence of his work through his creative holding group known as the Austieng Group. Where he commits his focus to creating and supporting various creative projects and business ventures.

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