Dominic Livingston


Discover all of the services offered by Dominic Livingston and gain an insight into his mindset and approach to all his services.


Digital & Print Design

Utilising mediums of the past, present and future, to communicate your message.

Visual Design

Creating a digital location to host your business, so your customers can locate you.



Understanding your user and product, to form a cohesive relationship and thread of communication and interaction.


Establishing your service, product, experience or content within the market, through your unique mark.


Art Direction

Creating a unique visual atmosphere that communicates the aesthetic that the work contains.

Creative Direction

Understanding your vision and creating a practical plan that will lead you to achieve what's desired.


Social Media /Marketing

Recognising where the market and your consumers are focusing their attention.

Strategy & Business Dev.

Understanding what decisions are necessary before implemented - to understanding where needs to be improved.